Russia Calls on Loosening of Arms Embargo on Somalia

Russia has called for loosening of arms embargo on Somalia saying the country need to be given an opportunity to acquire needed military equipment more when AMISOM is expected to exit Somalia in 2018.

Russia’s representative Petr V. Iliichev told the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions committee that the sanctions on Somalia need to be reviewed due to changing situations.

United Security Council imposed an arms embargo on Somalia in 1992 in response to the then deteriorating conflict and humanitarian situation.

UNSC has however revised the embargo allowing Somali military to access limited weapons in subsequent years. The February 2007 Resolution 1744 allowed the supply of weapons and military equipment intended solely for the purpose of helping develop Somali security sector institutions.

Russia maintains arms embargo on Somalia must be reviewed. Russia abstained from last year’s vote which extended the embargo to November 15, 017.

Italy said further progress in managing arms and ammunition should be taken into account in considering future sanctions. Other countries however maintained the embargo had helped bar armed groups including Al-Shabaab, ISIS from easily accessing the weapons.

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