Weakened Al Shabaab Now Using Fake-Assassination Claims To Regain Legitimacy Among Its Members And Sympathizers

The al Qaeda-affiliated group operating in Somalia, al Shabaab has resulted to crude methods of propaganda after their radio station; Radio Andulus was destroyed by security forces. The radio station which has been a significant tool for propaganda and incitement was attacked and destroyed in a series of attacks targeted at its framework.

Following the continued offensive, the terrorists are now spreading news of fake-assassinations to try and regain their lost momentum. Therefore, the group issued a statement claiming it killed/assassinated a member of the Somali National Security Intelligence Agency (NISA) in Yaqshid area of the capital Mogadishu.

However, NISA has refuted the claims saying that Mohamoud Tima Adde the officer said to have been kidnapped was alive, well and working with the rest of the team to bring down al Shabaab.

In recent weeks, al Shabaab has continually been dealt huge blows both on the network and the structural framework that it operates. Combined efforts from US airstrikes SNA ground assaults alongside AMISOM and neighboring Kenyan troops have rendered the terrorists weak and close to defeat.


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