Hundreds Of ISIS Defectors Flock Idlib Seeking Entry Into Turkey For Fear Of Infighting And Executions Within The Organization’s Ranks

Hundreds of ISIS defectors have camped at the Syrian province of Idlib with the majority planning to cross over to Turkey with efforts to find their way back to the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Doze have already fled Syria paying smugglers $2,000 each for the perilous journey past border guards who have shot dead scores of infiltrators this year alone.

The exodus of fighters from areas controlled by Isis to other parts of Syria and Iraq has continued throughout the past year, as the terror group has lost much of its former heartland to a concerted assault by Iraqi troops, forces allied to the Syrian regime and a US-led air coalition in both countries.

According to some of the defectors, most want to leave after realizing that the group they were with tricked them and as such have fled the cause and wish to be integrated back into the community.

The fall of the main strongholds of ISIS led to a lot of disagreements about ideology and theology as well as infighting and Summary executions were carried out on increasingly flimsy pretexts, such as insubordination, or making contact with Syrian opposition groups.

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