Somali Special Forces, American Commandos Coordinated Airstrikes Kills Al-Shabaab Top Commanders & Entire Shura Council

U.S-airstrike-against-al-shabaabLatest military reports from Somalia indicate that Al-Shabaab top commanders including the entire leadership known as Shura Council have been wiped out after Somali Special Forces and American Commandos in coordinated airstrikes from Kenya hit the militant’s safe-houses and their high value Forward Operating Base -FOB in Saakow.


Following military operation carried out between 10th and 13th August 2016

SNA SF commandos (Danab) backed by US army Special Forces commandos conducted an SF-Raid in Saakow area in Southern Somalia.

The raid targeted the top Al-Shabaab leaders including top leader Abu Ubeidah aka Diriye who were holding a meeting in the area.

Military intelligence is yet to confirm if Abu Ubaidah was among the killed or was captured alive.

Commanders confirmed killed include 3 of Ubaidah’s deputies including the Al-Shabaab spokesperson who often calls international media houses Abu Musab were killed.

Another deputy leader of Al-Shabaab identified as Abu Omar and two other foreign fighters were captured alive.

Military BDA report confirms 30 other Al-Shabaab militants who had converged in the Saakow FOB for a meeting were also killed.

This wiping of the militant top leadership including its Shura Council is a blow to Al-Shabaab terrorists group which is at its weakest state ever under the leadership of Abu Ubaidah who took over from Godane also killed in U.S. drone strike.

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