Somali Police Force Open AMISOM/UNSOM Constructed Police Training Facility

Police Officers at the SPF training academy opening


In efforts to modernize and adequately equip the Somali Police Force, African Union Mission in Somali (AMISOM) United Nations Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) facilitated the construction of a modern training facility in Kismayo.

The facility was officially opened by Somali Police Commissioner Major General Mohamed Sheikh Mohamud in colorful ceremony last week.


The training facility that was built with the aid of the AMISOM police and the UNSOM police is one among other strategic measures put in place by the peacekeeping missions to facilitate capacity building for the Somali Police Force both in Mogadishu and other regional administrations in Somalia.

Somalia has experienced a severe shortage of police officers with those available highly undertrained and ill equipped both with skill and equipment necessary to adapt to the hybrid combat from the militants as well as match up with their compatriots in the allied troops operating in Somalia.

AMISOM troops additionally conducted a comprehensive recruitment and vetting of new recruits set to join the police training academy soon to robust the police force in Somalia expected to hold the peace mantle when the peacekeeping troops withdraw from Somalia.

Official present at the event commended the tremendous efforts of the troops in a bid to only annihilate the extremist Islamic elements but equip the security agencies with relevant skills to be able to maintain peace in Somalia henceforth.

AMISOM and UNSOM have committed themselves to not only fend off and defeat al Shabaab elements but at the same time help the Somali government maintain peace while they are still operating in the country and after the forces have withdrawn creating stable sustainable security system in Somalia.

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