Ocampo 6 in Kenya PEV Named, but Questions Linger on ICC Credibility

The ICC Suspects are
Uhuru Kenyatta
William Ruto
Henry Kosgei
Hussein Ali
Francis Muthaura
Arap Sang
The announcement was laughed at my section of the civil society.
In a news conference, William Ruto one of the suspects laughed and said Kenya’s have finally learnt the truth and soon they will know the demon.
He said he had a clean conscience and had nothing to fear.
MPs have said the report is trash and lacks any sense of responsibility or value to the country.
As argued by sections of the intelligence analysis society, the ICC has been compromised through either Mr Odinga and his American connections, especially in the Obama administration may have compromised the process to pave way for Mr Odinga.
With Ruto and Uhuru out of the way, Kenyas most populous communities lack political leadership. Mr Ruto is currently the leader of the Kalenjin community while Mr Kenyatta is the leader of the Kikuyu community that holds sway in the Kenyan politics.
Throughout the PEV, Mr Kenyatta did not participate in any the alleged activities that led to the PEV, rather the emotions were whipped by mass actions and discontent in areas deemed ODM strongholds.
Either the ICC has been compromised or the two Kenyan leaders had a secret pact with it is yet to be confirmed after the ICC ridiculously published names of six post election violence masterminds.
While the media and close confidants of Prime Minister Raila Odinga have openly accused him of whipping emotions and causing chaos, the ICC rather opted to play political games in the prosecution.
The picture portrayed by the ICC prosecutor is that of a manipulate-able and is likely to be favoring sections of the political leadership.
The country could suffer major socio-political setbacks with such on goings.
One intelligence analyst Mwangi Nyamu

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