Low Sulphur Diesel; Environmentally Friendly Fuel, Save Kenyan Motorists Car Maintenance Shillings

Kenya and 3 other East Africa countries; Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda have joined the European Union in the use of cleaner fuels for the cars. The new standards installed by Kenya in the fuel industry put her on the fore line of shifting to environmentally friendly petroleum products in Africa.

The Petroleum Institute of East Africa has reported that the East African countries are using low sulphur diesel. The lower sulphur diesel has a 50 parts per million sulphur compare to the 500 parts per million initially used. The low sulphur diesel has a lighter color compared to the old one.

The low sulphur diesel as cut the harmful emission by great margin protecting both human health, environment and is a crucial element of reducing carbon emission levels in the region.

The lighter color was explained to encourage motorists to buy it seeing as it did not mean it was contaminated. The fuel is available at members of the Petroleum Institute in Kenya; Shell, National Oil, Vivo Energy, Riva, Gulf Energy, Total, Oil Libya, Engen and Hash.

The low sulphur diesel is as economical as it is environmentally friendly. It reduces the vehicle maintenance as it gives car engines longer life. How does it do that? It reduces the corrosion of the car engine cylinders and the exhaust increasing the diminishing lifespan of the vehicles.

Kenya’s diesel consumption stands at 140,000 metric tonnes in a month making it the second most consumed fuel. This means that if all service stations sold the low sulphur diesel, the harmful emissions would reduce immensely and this would bring Kenya a step closer to the acceptable global UNEP Carbon emissions levels.

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Kenyan motorists are projected to be a major beneficiary of the low sulphur diesel as they would save a substantial amount of money from repairs, engine maintenance lifespan of their cars.

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