Intelligence Shows South Sudan Winning Againist Khartoum Militarily

Intelligence reports show’s South Sudan military capabilities particularly ground forces are doing better defending the territorial rights of South Sudan compared to Khartoum forces.

Military intelligence reports confirm that multi-pronged attacks on SPLM soldiers by Sudanese soldiers were very well stopped and repelled by the South Sudanese army.

Sudan launched a preemptive attack on Heglig late Wednesday but were forced to hasty retreat after a barrage of machine gun fire and rocket was launched by South Sudanese troops.

Sudan launched an attack on Northern Bahr el Ghazal state mid-Thursday but one of the fronts was quickly forced to a retreat by the South Sudanese forces.

These are two defeats in 24 hours and Heglig is still under SPLM, Military intelligence sources in Khartoum and Juba confirmed.

South Sudan forces have four times repelled attempts by Sudan to retake Heglig.


According to unconfirmed intelligence, SPLA has units of former Gaddaffi commando’s in its rank. This intelligence has been corroborated by Khartoum government that SPLA is using former Libyan government elite soldiers of

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