Global Alliance Will Help Combat Terrorism, Kenya Security & Intelligence Experts

Kenyan security and Intelligence experts have expressed the importance of forming a global alliance to strengthen military and political response to terrorism as the threat mutates rapidly.

Kenya is on the frontline of expressing the need for such an alliance which has a possibility of yielding results on the global war on terror.

Recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali are a wake-up call to the global community to join hands and combat the terrorism menace with singular determination.

Richard Tuta, a Nairobi-based security analyst said in an interview that since IS and Al Qaeda have become more technologically savvy as they recruit new fighters, the international community should re-organize existing counter-terrorism measures as terrorists become more sophisticated.

OSINT sources all over the globe reported in the month of November alone that terrorists from the Islamic State (IS) last week killed 127 people in separate locations in Paris while those from the rival Al-Qaeda group on Friday attacked a luxury hotel in the Malian capital, Bamako, where 27 people died.

It has come to analysts attention that the two rivaling terror groups (IS & Al Qaeda) are in competition to prove their might embedded in level of cruelty.

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