Garissa Attack Suspects Arraigned in Court

In compliance with the constitution, six suspected terrorists were arraigned in Milimani Law Court yesterday but were not formally charged as investigations are still ongoing, and are thus expected to be arraigned again on May 7th 2015.  The six – Sahal Diriye Hussein, Mohamed Adan Surow, Hassan Aden Hassan, Osman Abdi Dakane, Mohamed Abdi Abikar; and Rashid Charles Mberesero (alias Rehani Dida) – were arrested within the vicinity of Garissa town on the material day of the attack and on April 3rd. the terror suspects have not yet disclosed the identities of their accomplices nor the degree of their involvement in the heinous act besides keeping silent concerning how the attack was planned and executed.

Osman Abdi Dakane was the security guard on duty at Garissa University on the fateful day; and residents became apprehensive of him when he repeatedly made phone calls as well as photographed the scene as good Samaritans, ordinary residents, security personnel and health workers removed bodies of the dead from Garissa University. On inspection, it was found that the accused, Mr.Dakane, had made phone calls to Somalia.

Rashid Charles Mberesero is a Tanzanian national who could not convincingly explain his presence in Garissa University on the fateful day. Upon his arrest he identified himself to the police as Rashid Dida and claimed that he was a student at the university but the lecturers rebuffed his claim. He later on changed his mind concerning has name and now identifies himself as Rashid Charles Mberesero.

Mohamed Adan Surow, works in a Garissa hotel were the terrorists had their supper on the eve of the attack, and investigations have revealed that he was particularly close to the terrorists. Sahal Diriye Hussein, Hassan Aden Hassan, and Mohamed Abdi Abikar were arrested as they attempted to flee Garissa. It is suspected that the three acted as weapon couriers for the terrorists.

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