Frazier Glenn Cross Guns Down 3 at Overland Park Jewish Centers USA

Frazier Glenn Cross aka Frazier Glenn Miller shot 3 people dead at an American Jewish Community Center.

The 73 year old Frazier Glenn Miller has been identified as a white supremacists by authorities in Kansas USA.

Frazier Glenn Cross, A 73-year-old Missouri has a history of racism and anti-Antisemitism.

The suspect in the Overland Park shootings is booked at Johnson County jail but is yet to be formally charged.

Frazier Cross who is from Aurora, Mo., a small town southwest of Springfield is an Army veteran and retired truck driver with a criminal record.

He formed an armed militia named the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in which he was the “grand dragon”

The group was banned for running militia activities.

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