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Strategic Intelligence News publishes intelligence reports, geopolitics, military intelligence, and crime reports analysis. SIN analysis are reached through the careful procedures that include conducting interviews, observation of specific intelligence leads, and participation in work groups in intelligence analysis hence our reports cannot be easily dismissed as mere opinion or mutterings of those losing bureaucratic wars.

Most important is the notion that intelligence is a cognitively demanding and high risk trade that can lead to a public policy that strengthens nations or put them at great risks. Since consequences of failure are so great intelligence work and its process risks considerable political and institutional resistance.

Our common intelligence analysis is conducting limited brainstorming on the basis of previous analysis hence procuring the bias to confirm earlier views besides validating or dismissing data.

SIN validates our agency reports and cleans data, a commonplace practice in intelligence where intelligence validity is not tested rather reinforced to confirm its validity besides looking through all its underlying vital elements. The process is a prevailing hypothesis averse with considerable analytical convertism.

As such SIN like any other intelligence gathering agency uses the communities of practice policy whereby analytic practice groups and various on-line resources are central repository of formal reviews of strategic intelligence.

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