41 Boko Haram Killed by Cameroon Military

Cameroon military killed 41 Boko Haram terrorists during air raids after the terrorists attacked five border towns in Cameroon over the weekend, intelligence officials confirmed.

Cameroon defense forces report that Boko Haram attacked Makari, Amchide, Limani and Achigachia on Sunday.

This was a strategy aimed at distracting the Cameroon military and make it vulnerable to the unpredictability of the terror group.

Military officials confirmed that 34 militants were killed after the army laid siege to a base used by the militants in Chogori, and seven others and one soldier were killed near the town of Waza in Cameroon.

The militants had breifly taken over a military camp before Cameroon military took it back.

Boko Haram has killed more than 40 Cameroon soldiers and recruited hundreds of youths during raids in Cameroon’s Far North region this year

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