US, Iraqi Strikes Kill at least 250 ISIS Fighters in near Fallujah, 170 Vehicles Destroyed

ISIS convoy bombed

ISIS convoy bombed
ISIS convoy bombed
U.S.-led coalition joined and Iraqi troops rocked against Islamist State extremist group near Iraqi’s city of Fallujah killing at least 250 militants and destroying over 170 vehicles.

Corresponding OSINT media reports that strikes unfolded on Tuesday night into Wednesday.

The first ISIS convoy was spotted southwest of Fallujah in an area known to be controlled by ISIS.

Iraqi troops fought the militants on the ground before the coalition strikes destroyed some 55 vehicles belonging to the militants.

A second convoy formed east of Ramadi later Wednesday, US and Iraqi jets pounded on them destroying nearly 120 ISIS vehicles.

Iraq’s Defense Ministry released footage showing airstrikes on dozens of vehicles described as a convoy of Islamic State fighters fleeing the western city of Fallujah after its recapture by the Iraqi military.

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