Kenya to Deploy 310 Troops to South Sudan Conflict Zones

The government of Kenya will deploy an additional 310 soldiers to war torn Southern Sudan, the youngest nation in the world.

Intelligence reports puts the total number of Kenyan soldiers serving under the UNMISS mission as 1000, as per requests by the UN.

Kenya will as such have slightly above 1000 troops operating in Somalia under a UNMISS mandate.

These soldiers will not fight along the SPLA rather will serve humanitarian causes including securing civilians fleeing war, rescuing those in need and securing the UN mission resources in South Sudan.

South Sudan is currently facing an ethnic-political crisis which has also factored a civil war that has crippled both peace and the economy of the country.

A recent attack on the United Nations mission for Southern Sudan left 58 internally displaced people from the Luo Nuer tribe dead in what intelligence reports confirm as retaliatory attacks.

UNMISS requires additional troops to bolster its effectiveness as a peacekeeping force in Southern Sudan.

Kenya Defense Forces rank highly in the world as one of the most capable army besides being highly disciplined and well trained.


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