130 ISIL Takfiris Killed As Iraqi Troops Conduct Mop-Up Operations

Iraqi Defense Ministry on Thursday announced a major mop up operation that led to the deaths of close to 130 fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the injuries of hundreds of others.

The defense ministry alongside other OSINT sources reported a fierce exchange of gunfire between Iraqi troops and ISIL militants that broke out in the early hours of Thursday, and continued up until 8 a.m.

Iraqi troopers launched a number of rockets against terrorist hideouts in several cities near Baghdad, including Fallujah, al-Lahib, aL-Baijat, and al-Hitawin regions.

Iraqi Army soldiers and volunteer fighters have joined forces and are seeking to take back militant-held regions.

The mop- up operations have driven the militants out of their major strongholds, leaving hundreds of the militants dead and many seriously injured and on the run.

Intelligence agencies in Iraq also reported that ISIL fighters are looting ancient sites across Iraq and Syria and are selling the looted treasures to middlemen to raise cash.

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