Turkey Constructing Security Wall At Border With Syria To Keep Off Daesh And YPG Kurdish Militia

turkey-syria wallEvent summary:

Barely two days after a deadly attack in Ankara, Turkey, dozens of Turkish military vehicles have been reported to advance to the Turkey-Syrian border. This is the Syrian Kurdish area in Aleppo Province hours after the Turkish authorities termed the attack as orchestrated by Syrian Kurds (YPG Militias).

The troops have started digging trenches between the two countries that will hasten the construction of a security wall commission in July 2015 to separate the two countries for security reasons. Turkey joins other countries in the world building border perimeter security walls to secure their citizenry from hostiles and terrorists operating in the neighboring countries.

The Turkish military presence comes at such a time when the military has been intensely shelling the Syrian Kurds despite a standing warning against international law violation from the UN Security Council.


Turkey commission the construction of a 500-mile concrete security wall at her border with Syria in an attempt to keep Islamic State jihadi fighters from crossing into Turkey. The commissioning was done after a series of suicide attacks at the border towns.

The security barrier includes a concrete wall, with barbed wire, dedicated patrol road and reinforced fence that stretches the whole border length between the two countries. The wall would also have modern high-tech equipment like 24-hour drone surveillance, mobile surveillance vehicles and an integrated command and control center.

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