Israel Iran Preventive Attack Thwarted Again

Israel’s patience on Iran has run so thin. Iran has repeatedly threatened Israel and walked the tight rope without deterrence to the end.

Iran is happy it has achieved such impressive media coverage as it boasts of immense nuclear milestones and military capacity.

But what is worrying is the preemptive attack on Iran by Israel.

The second week February 2012 could have been a turning point as Israel reported attacks on its foreign assets, particularly embassies which were threatened by Iranian terrorists.

Israel sought United Nations joint voice to condemn these attacks besides get he much needed support to stop Iran from continuing its aggression.

The objective was to rally support mainly from the allies such as France, Britain, and United States so as to attack Iran.

Iran could have been hit by Israel during the evening, just before they leave for work so that those experts manning positions and doing the science at nuclear facilities would disappear along their nuclear findings and progress.

This failed after Britain, France, and United States thought it was not prudent Israel to attack Iran yet.

Intelligence shows Britain, US, and France reckon there will be instability in the Middle East besides retaliation by Arab states pro-Iran.

Israel attack on Iran is however edging closer as the days go by. Israel destroyed a nuclear facility in Iraq in 1981 and one in Syria in 2007.

Operation Opera a surprise Israeli air strike carried out June 7, 1981, destroyed the “Osiris”-class nuclear reactor 1,600

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