ISIS Chemical, Biological Weapons Expert Arrested By US Special Forces

isis chemical weapon expert arrestedMarch 10, 2016: ISIS’ Chemical Weapons experts has been reported captured by a Special Forces regiment in Iraq and is currently being questioned.

Sleiman Daoud al-Afari, who previously worked as a chemical and biological weapons expert under former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was caught in a February raid near the city of Tal Afar and has since been in custody. Since his arrested several strategic locations crucial to ISIS’ chemical weapons network have been hit by US airstrikes.

The arrested was preceded by intelligence reports and chatter that ISIS were building a major chemical weapon targeted at the US. Additionally, ISIS have on several occasions used mustard gas to conduct some attacks- Mustard gas is a banned substance by the UN and it causes respiratory difficulties, momentary blindness and painful blisters and eventually death.

The war against ISIS is gradually choking the supplies and facilities that increase its competence and as such leveling the field as the force closes in on their Syrian headquarters in Raqqa. Reports from within ISIS ranks have indicated that the militants are seeking to move their base of operation from Raqqa further into the desert as a result of ceaseless offensive attacks against them.

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