Intelligence, Al-Shabaab to Attack Africa Oil/Horn Petroluem in Dharoor Valley

Intelligence obtained from Puntland Security Ministry confirm plans by Al-Shabaab to attack oil drilling company resources Africa Oil and its strategic partner Horn Petroleum in Dharoor Valley Puntland.

Events playing out since February 2012 indicate that Al-Shabaab is about to attack the oil drilling companies resources and staff, most likely, take employees hostage besides destroy equipment.

Strategic Intelligence confirms that locals living around the exploration and drilling site are not happy with the drilling citing environmental concern and no consultations about the oil exploration and drilling activities of the Canadian firm Africa Oil.


Al-Shabaab soldiers have been massing in the Galgala mountains of the Bari region of Puntland after fleeing increased military pressure from allied forces in Somalia.

Al-Shabaab was quoted in February and March threatening to nullify all oil exploration contracts though they do not have the capacity to enact such a drastic measure.

Earlier exploratory efforts were thwarted by militia attacks of the drilling sites and resources making the current effort by Africa Oil and Horn Petroluem likely yo suffer the same fate.

Al-Shabaab Troop movement and their new base at Galgala mountains in the Bari region of Puntland coincides with possible announcement by Africa Oil/Horn about their oil discoveries scheduled anytime in April.

Bari region is where the Dharoor Valley and Africa Oil drilling activities are making the possibilities of an attack possible.

Facilitators include Said Atom the leader of the Galgala militia and an arms trader who supplies Al-Shabaab. His militia has been fighting Puntland government forces.

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British government efforts to invest in Somalia may also be a key factor as to Al-Shabaab’s objective to attack oil drilling companies in Puntland.

The attack is likely within 90 days as the oil exploration companies in Somalia wind up exploration and enter the final stages of drilling and producing the crude oil.

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