George Muchai Murder, Who was behind it? Dissecting the Alibi & Killer’s Intent

The cock crow at Saturday morning was a time to kill. As the silver Toyota Fortuner carrying the Member of Parliament slowed down to negotiate the roundabout and enter the CBD,  a Mercedes Benz station wagon came gently negotiated the roundabout and quickly, rammed onto the front fender of the Toyota Fortuner.

A passenger of the Mercedes Benz emerged from the right hand passenger door and walked towards Muchai’s car. The man was tall and dark. His gun was concealed by his jacket along the arm. His face was obscured by a well fitting Balaclava mask.

Military Double-Tap Killing

The driver of the Mercedes was a light skinned man. His hair was black and curly, probably an Arab.

Kabete MP George Muchai, two bodyguards and a driver shot dead in

Swiftly he reached within arms length of the George Muchai’s vehicle and began accomplishing his mission. His time frame was approximately 1 minute.

An expert,  he fired his first shots hitting each target, after the first round of firing, the shooter quickly reacquired the sights of the targets and conducted a fast second shot on each to accomplish his ‘double-tap’

He fired. Accurately hitting each of his targets twice. The ‘Double-Tap’ signature by an expert in the industry of death.

Crime Scene Reports

Crime scene evidence reports 2 Administration police officers from Jogoo house arrived at the scene promptly before they were shortly joined by regular police on patrol.

These 1st responders could do nothing to help. The victims were all dead.

The assassins Mercedes Benz station wagon bore Ugandan registration Number.

An eye-witness threatened by the killers claims MP George Muchai was about to buy the Star News Paper from a vendor.

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ALIVE NO MORE: Kabete MP George Muchai in a past press briefing outside his home
ALIVE NO MORE: Kabete MP George Muchai in a past press briefing outside his home

The newspaper vendor claims the gunmen threatened to kill him too, a statement collaborated by the other witness.

The member of parliament had claimed his life was in danger after he threatened to take top COTU leaders to court over corruption and massive offshore accounts worth billions of shillings.

Police report, they received calls from anonymous callers. The callers were reporting the murder. However the location provided by these callers was incorrect.


Criminal Mind and Alibi

Too obvious a crime, fits the George Muchai Murder. Whose Alibi was this?

The efficiency of the killers, Balaclava masks, speed, their style, type of vehicle, choice of killing time, and the assassins type of victim-mission signature draws out a picture of expensive and rare skills.

The person who hired these killers is not only wealthy, but also very informed and deeply involved or associated with criminal activities such as drug cartels, gun-sellers, and dirty politics.

His objective was to stop George Muchai from achieving or exposing something very important. George Muchai was at war, that is why the killers left the ‘double-tap’ signature.

Who was George Muchai fighting? His court battles with COTU bosses are too obvious scenarios but great alibis.

Someone else at war with Muchai, but clever enough to take advantage of the COTU war, could have found this as the perfect time to kill his adversary George Muchai.

In both scenario’s, either the COTU war with George Muchai or the unseen mastermind of the kill, took advantage of the “TOO OBVIOUS ALIBI” to conduct the perfect kill.

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Investigations will be difficult since the only leads are the Ugandan registration number, which most likely was a forgery meaning does not exist in Uganda.

The faces of the assassins are covered by fitting balaclava masks meaning there will be no face-recognition stroke of luck for detectives.

However, the dead end is not dead.

The criminal always returns to the crime scene.

The suspects call logs at all service providers can be retrieved.

The dis-information callers of the police hotlines can be traced

The witnesses could also be debriefed to gather more credible intelligence on the crime scene, first res-ponders, and facial features of the criminals.




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