Colonel Yaura Sasa Arrest- Papua New Guinea Mutiny Wavers

Colonel Yaura Sasa has been arrested after masterminding and leading a mutiny in Papua New Guinea, military intelligence arm of SIN has confirmed, ending the speculation on the identity of the ex-soldier behind the mutiny.

Yaura Sasa was arrested at Port Moresby suburb by police and will be taken to court on Sunday where he will be charged with mutiny by a Papua New Guinea judge.

Colonel Yaura Sasa on Thursday led a group of soldiers to overthrow the government.

Top Papua New Guinea military commanders were put under house arrest by the revolting soldiers.

Yaura Sasa led mutiny was in support of Prime Minister Michael Somare who appointed Sasa defense chief after being removed from office while on medical treatment.

Soldiers who revolted along Colonel Sasa were not arrested.

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