China’s New Attack Helicopter Z-19E makes First Maiden Flight

China’s home-made attack helicopter Z-19E made its first maiden flight in the northeastern city of Harbin Thursday morning, local media reported.

The new attack warplane is an export version of Chinese attack helicopter Z-19 and developed by Harbin Aircraft Industrial Corporation.

Features and Capabilities

  1. The helicopter can provide offensive air support and destroy the armored vehicles of any potential enemy.
  2. It has  “air-to-surface” armament including anti-tank missiles, a 23mm cannon and other weapons.
  3.  It also has gun pods and can carry air-to-air missiles, and its tandem-seated cockpit is armored.
  4. The aircraft can carry out reconnaissance missions as well.

In contrast with its basic version, the new chopper features modernized systems protecting it from the enemy’s air defense, and it sports new avionics.

The helicopter maker Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation (HAMC) announced that the Z-19E received a stealth technology that decreases the helicopter’s observability to enemies.



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