China Introduces New Surveillance Glasses Equipped With Facial Recognition Technology To Aid In Anti-Crime, Anti-Terror Campaign

China has taken the war against criminals and terrorists a notch higher after the introduction of dark sunglasses equipped with facial recognition technology to the police service to spot and identify offenders.

The glasses were introduced to be used during the Chinese New Year travel rush, are linked to a central database which contains details of criminal records. The Chinese police have maintained that Wearing the technology; police can almost instantly view an individual’s details, including name, ethnicity, gender, and address.

The glasses have a small camera attached to the right-hand lens connected by an electronic lead to a hand-held device that has an app where police officers can process images they take of suspicious individuals.

Leaders in technology and security have maintained that the glasses are the next step in fighting terrorism and other violent crimes across the globe. The lenses can be used to identify criminals at airports and train stations around the world as they can be linked with all major databases thus making the arrests of criminals swift.

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