Al-Shabaab Financiers and Arms-Fighter Suppliers Sanctioned

US Government has announced a number of Africans banned and sanctioned by its authority today.
They are accused of arming, financing, and recruiting fighters for the militant group in Somalia

US Sanctions Eritreans and Kenyans involved in arming and financing Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Col. Twolde Habte Negash, an Eritrean intelligence officer, Eritrean government’s principal coordinator for assisting al Shabaab in Somalia since 2004.

Col. Taeme Abraham Goitom as helping to shape the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia.

Sudanese militant Abu Fahris, helps foreign fighters travel to al Shabaab training camps

Aboud Rogo Mohammed, a Kenya-based Islamic cleric who advocates radicalization and recruitment of non-Somali Africans.

Abubaker Sharif Ahmed of Kenya, accused of recruiting young Kenyan Muslims for “action” in Somalia

Omar Awadh Omar, of Kenya awaiting trial in Uganda on charges of helping to plan the deadly July 11, 2010 World Cup attack in Uganda

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