Al-Shabaab Commanders Killed Near Kismayu by KDF

2 Senior Al-Shabaab commanders have been killed late Friday by KDF special troops operating near Kismayu, Strategic Intelligence Service has confirmed.

Commanders Sheikh Yousuf and sheikh Barayani were killed by Kenya Defense Forces operating in Somalia along TFG/SNA forces of the weak Somalia government.

The death of the two Commanders, Sheikh Yousuf and sheikh Barayani stymies the operational and logistical capacity of the Al-Qaeda allied Al-Shabaaab militia group accused of oppressing and executing innocent Somali people besides assassinating learned lawmakers and scholars.

Intelligence reports confirm that Commanders Sheikh Yousuf and sheikh Barayani were killed when they led troops of militants towards Miido where KDF, TFG,and Ras Kamboni militia have set up a base after capturing and cleaning the town.

In the firefight, mortars launched by expert KDF mortar experts, machine gun fire, and sniper fire were used to kill dozens of Al-Shabaab along their commanders.

Accurate mortar and artillery fire destroyed 2 technical’s and and 2 lorries used by the militants while more than 32 critically wounded militants were taken to Kismayu by their retreating comrades.

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