Abomination!! White House ‘Horrified’ by Bentiu Massacre in South Sudan,

White House has termed the Bentiu massacre as an abomination, as Washington rethinks its strategy in quelling African conflicts.

Piles of dead bodies were in Mosques and churches in Bentiu after the South Sudan rebels overran the government forces defenses.

People were shot dead inside churches, hospitals and in mosques in cold blood in Bentiu, the capital of the oil hub Unity State.

According to a UN report, rebel soldiers hunted down men, women, and their children, shot them like animals in cold blood.

The chilling account on what happened in Bentiu has shocked the world and human rights organizations have not made any efforts to identify internationally acceptable solutions to punish these rebels.

Hundreds of ethnic Dinka’s were slaughtered in every place they were taking refuge.

“We are horrified by reports out of South Sudan that fighters aligned with rebel leader Riek Machar massacred hundreds of innocent civilians last week in Bentiu,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a statement.


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