Turkish Pound on 107 Targets Kill 13 Daesh Terrorists in Northern Syria

Latest Turkish military campaigns against Daesh terrorists indicate that 13 of their terror operatives were neutralized after the Turkish air force conducted air raids against the militant’s positions in northern Syria.

In the past 24 hours, Turkish F-16 fighter jets pounded on 107 Daesh targets as part of the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield that began mid-August 2016.

In a statement, Turkish General Staff said that its armed forces also hit 107 Daesh positions in northern Syria on the 154th day of the operation.

Turkish F-16 fighter jets hit 9 Daesh targets in the Al-Bab region, the military added.

Turkish with support from coalition forces also conducted five airstrikes against Daesh targets, destroying an ammunition support vehicle, two mortars and a building, the statement added.

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