Tribal Clashes Escalates in Darfur South Sudan, 16 Killed & 9 Injured

Darfur Crisis Escalates, 16 killed and 9 injuredEVENT SUMMARY

DARFUR, South Sudan: Fresh Tribal clashes that erupted on Sunday 21st February 2016 has left 16 killed and 9 others injured in Darfur, South Sudan.

According to South Darfur State’s security committee, uncontrolled groups attacked Malui and Amoud Aradaiba localities causing quite a number of casualties.

Security committee has embarked on a mission to disarm heavy arms from citizens in order to impose the sovereignty of the State. Military reinforces have so far been deployed in the affected localities to prevent further escalation.

Violent tribal clashes erupted on Sunday between Falata and Salamt ethnic tribes in Al-Nadheef area of Buram locality in South Darfur state.

The local security authority has vowed to pursue and bring the perpetrators of the clashes to justice.

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