Suspected Terror Migrants Arrested Hidden in Private Ambulance on Costa Rica-Nicaragua Border

Somali arrested on Costa Rica - Nicaragua Border
Somali arrested on Costa Rica - Nicaragua Border
Somali Arrested on Costa Rica – Nicaragua Border


Five Somali migrants were arrested by Costa Rican police when the private ambulance vehicle they were travelling in was intercepted on Costa Rica –Nicaragua border.

Police reports that the five Somali were suspected to get entry in the country to conduct terror attack as they were hidden in an ambulance aided by two Costa Ricans who were not paramedics and had no license to drive an ambulance.

According to a statement by Costa Rica public security ministry, the two paramedic impostors were also arrested.

Police intercepted the ambulance and conducted search just after dawn in the town of Peñas Blancas de la Cruz, on the border. The five people of Somali descent were found to have entered Costa Rica illegally.

Central America is majorly used way-point for undocumented migrants trying to enter the United States illegally.

Apart from migrants from Latin America trying to enter pass through the isthmus, also ones from Africa, Asia and the Middle East have been caught.

Costa Rica dismantled a people-smuggling ring that transported undocumented migrants through the region in early November 2015.

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