Special Forces Storm F-5 Tiger II Wreckage Area to Retrieve Pilot Body

Kenya dispatched a team of special forces to retrieve the body of the pilot who died after his aircraft developed engine failure and crashed on enemy territory in Somalia.

Rescue operations could not be carried out immediately after the crash since the bomber crashed in an Al-Shabaab controlled area and there were no nearby rapid response teams with capability to conduct such a mission sources report.

Intelligence reports show that Special Forces using combat helicopters stormed the wreckage and conducted a search but did not find the body of the pilot who was reported as MISSING IN ACTION.

Kenya has intensified aerial bombardment of strategic terror assets, bases, and logistical capability.

Intelligence shows Al-Shabaab militants may have taken the body of the pilot from the plane.

Kenya Defense Forces carried out a surgical airstrike that killed over 89 terrorists mostly foreign fighters.

The Whites from Britain were buried in a banana plantation while others from Yemen and Pakistan were also buried nearby before the terrorists abandoned the camp.

Actual Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) shows that the target, a building and its compound was extensively damaged by the aircraft after it repeatedly bombed the area and the target.

The building was on fire after more sidewinder missiles from the aircraft blew it. The foreign fighters died in the fire.

The terrorists had made a terror base out of an Old Italian military camp; a big house and some structures in Araara, 53 kilometers north of the seaport of Kismayu



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