Security Forces Clear Illegal Roadblocks Manned by Armed Militias in Lower Shabelle

Government Forces in Lower Shabele Region Launch Operations To Remove Roadblocks
Government Forces in Lower Shabelle Region Launch Operations To Remove Roadblocks

15th September 2015, Security forces embarked on dismantling of illegal roadblocks in Lower Shabelle.

The operation aimed at easing transport and cutting on militia networks who collect money from vehicles plying in various routes in this region.

Contingents of security teams early morning launched a major operation of clearing roadblocks which had made transport impossible and dangerous. For a long time, these roadblocks have served as conduits for criminals conducting illegal taxation.

According to Leego Chief, Abukar Abdullahi, the government which is backed by AU peacekeeping mission in eliminating Al Shabaab menace in the country will not relent in fighting criminal element of any kind until peace and stability is restored.

Al Shabaab militias are known to be the huge beneficiaries of these roadblocks forcibly extorting money and other forms of illegal levies on the poor citizenry in order to fund their terror activities.

While speaking to local media, Leego Chief reaffirmed to the locals especially motorists who travel on these roads and have complained of the extortion by the armed militias who man these illegal roadblocks that government is committed to oust these criminal elements and restore normalcy.

“This operation is aimed at securing the area. To achieve this, the government has also developed and will implement an elaborate relationship between the forces and the public,” Abdullahi added.

There have been attacks on public transport and army installations in most parts of the region and the security forces have intensified their operations to address the menace.

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