Major Security Swoop Nets Dozens Over Bomb Attack in Baardhere Town

Security Forces from African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) seen Mopping up Surburbs of Baardheere.
Security Forces from African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Seen Mopping up Surburbs of Baardheere.


Tuesday 15th September 2015, one soldier is killed by a roadside bomb in Baardheere town in Somali’s south-western Gedo region.

Wednesday 16th September 2015, Police assisted by contingent of AMISOM soldiersĀ  launch a major security operation and arrest over 30 people for being key suspects in connection with roadside bomb attack in Baardheere.

According to Police chief, Abdullahi Ibrahim Aden, the operation has seen dozens other suspects arrested in connection with Al Shabaab militants activities and IED explosion that occurred in the town.

The suspects who were arrested will remain in police custody for further debrief in order to get more leads over the roadside bomb incident believed to be linked to the Al Shabaab militants.


In the last few weeks the Al Qaeda branch in Somalia have intensified their campaigns against government security forces as well the AU peace keeping troops in Somalia.

Baardheere is among key strategic areas that were captured from the reign of Al Shabaab militants but there are still few elements of Al Shabaab fighters waging sporadic hit and run attacks (guerrilla style) especially at the government and allied forces.

The government forces backed by AU peacekeeping troops are determined to root them out and the Police chief reaffirmed that the joint crackdown will continue until peace and security of the town is restored.


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