Security Beefed Up As Kenya Police Force Prove Their ‘Utumishi Kwa Wote’ Capability

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett. The IG appointed Shadrack Maithya new Garissa County commander. (PHOTO:Courtesy)
Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett. The IG appointed Shadrack Maithya new Garissa County commander. (PHOTO:Courtesy)

Recently appointed Kenyan Inspector General of Police Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett has stirred the previously presumed sluggish Kenya police force.

The rapid and visible change in the Kenya police force, particularly in strategic deployment and response as promised by IG Joseph Kipchirchir Boinett can be clearly felt barely two months into the job.

The Kenya police force has become increasingly vigilante and is slowly beating the bad reputation. In the past few weeks, security especially in the Kenyan capital has seen a lot of changes.

There is evidence that crime cartels which used to enjoy protection are being crushed in the capital. There is a sharp increase in number of arrests made. Police are targeting criminals who for a long time kept the capital insecure.

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In the capital Nairobi on Tuesday night gang members were gunned down in separate incidents.

In Nairobi’s southern edge, a slum known for harboring criminals witnessed a rapid response to a night-time robbery by the Kenya police.

3 gunmen were killed at the Mukuru Kwa Rueben slum.

Police also gunned down 3 gunmen who stormed a police station in the Eastlands.

The public has also noted the change in the police efficiency. According to a crime witness police are showing up almost immediately when an alarm is raised, a clear indicator that Kenya police is becoming efficient and reliable.

The Government of Kenya hired 10,000 police officers in April 2015 objectively. The plan is to increase the number of police to citizen ratio.

The Kenya Police Service recruits reported to Kiganjo Police Training College.

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The Kenya Police college has set new and very high standards for recruits. These standards will characterize the Kenya police force henceforth.


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