Republican Devin Nunes Joins Intelligence Committee

Devin Nunes Intelligence career has become of age after being admitted to the National intelligence committee.

Devin will be part of the elite charged with the responsibility of keeping American people safe.

Nunes intelligence role in House Intelligence Committee is to contribute in ensuring the nations intelligence community has the resources and authorities it requires

The Republican of Visalia will start overseeing the nation’s secrets.

Devin Nunes Intelligence Committee role is not only prestigious and a tough call, but also calling for great insight and wisdom

“The select committee on intelligence plays a critical role in the oversight of our nation’s national security activities,” Nunes told intelligence news.

The lawmaker will be playing a pivotal role in ensuring the national security is observed and entrenched in Congressional priorities.

He is the first San Joaquin Valley lawmaker to be appointed to the House Intelligence Committee.

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