Police Probe Mysterious Death of Two Wanted Terror Suspects in Naivasha

Kenyan authorities launched probe on into the mysterious death of two coast wanted terror suspects.

The two terror figures that had bounty reward on their heads were found dead and dumped in Naivasha, about 90 kilometers northwest of Nairobi.

Fatuma Mohamed Masou, had a 20,000 U.S. dollar bounty on her head had escaped a police dragnet in Mombasa in 2015.

Masou was the wife of Al-Shabaab terrorist, Kassim Omondi who was killed in police raid in 2013. Masou also was linked to the hiding of other terror figured including Ishmael Shosi.

Shosi was killed by police in September 2016 in Mombasa.

The other wanted terror suspect was Farid Omar Awadh, who had been at large for almost two years.

Awadh and Masou are linked to recruiting and funding of terror activities in Kenya.

The two were killed on Friday but unknown assailants. It is likely the two were killed by their own terror cell to avoid leaking information on their operations to the police.

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