Police Investigating Mosque in Likoni over Radicalization Claims

Police in Likoni are investigating a mosque alleged to be linked to terrorism activities. The probe follows printed banners were found outside the mosque calling Muslims to be ready to bring changes.

The writings are said to have been written in Swahili language.

Printed papers also were found been pinned on the wall and others on electric post, while others circulated around the Mosque and some parts of Likoni.

‘The real change is Islam, we are experts in democracy’ was the translation of the message on the banners and printouts.

The said mosque (name withheld) is around Shikaadabu area. The name is written in Arabic language according to police sources.

Likoni Police DCI Boss, Henry Ndombi confirmed of the said banners and printouts saying a special team are on the ground monitoring the Mosque. Ndombi warned that stern action will be taken against those behind printing of the banners/printouts. He also added that the materials were being analyzed by cyber crime unit.

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