Over 10 Al-Shabaab Terrorist Combatants Killed in Clash with Allied Forces at Idale Village

snaMilitary Intelligence (MI) report from Somalia indicate that at least 10 Al-Shabaab terrorist combatants were over the weekend killed after fierce gun fight erupted between the forces and Al-Shabaab fighters at Idale village, a few kilometres from Baidoa town, in the southern Somalia.

The heavy fighting flared after the allied forces raided the village manned by Al-Shabaab combatants with over 10 terrorists being killed while unspecified number fled the area.

Corresponding BDA as reported by locals indicate that the fighting inflicted heavy causalities on the militants with saying bodies of Al-Shabaab were seen in the battle area.

The joint forces managed to take full control of the area though two soldiers of the Somali army perished from the fight and another one was injured.

The Al Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab wants to topple the Western backed Somali government to impose strict Islamist Sharia Law. Despite waging attacks targeting on military and government installations, the militant group in has experienced heavy blows from Somali forces backed AU troops.


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