Mombasa ATPU Kills An Al Shabaab Returnee And Arrest 7 Others; Stringent Counterterrorism Operation

picMarch 18, 2016: Mombasa Anti-terrorism Police Unit shot and killed an al Shabaab returnee and arrested 7 others in a string of intensified counterterrorism offensives in Kenya’s coastal region.

Police intelligence revealed that the al Shabaab returnees belong to a cell that was recruited into the terror group and are responsible for previous gun and grenade attack in the country’s tourism hub. The returnees have been directly linked to a recent murder of a guard on duty at a University of Nairobi campus branch in the area.

The arresting officers said the suspects belong to a wave of al Shabaab fighter fleeing the onslaught mounted by the KDF/AMISOM forces in southern Somalia.

The allied troops have bolstered the offensive against the al Shabaab combining ground boots with air support, and strategic supply chokes of finances, weapons’ shipments, food, water and medical supplies. Joint psychological and asymmetrical warfare effects have forced Kenyan fighters to yield and return back home.

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