Machar’s Fighters Threaten of Fresh Attacks in Juba

Kiir Vs Machar

Kiir Vs Machar

Forces loyal to embattled South Sudan First Vice President Riek Machar who has since been replaced as VP has threatened of fresh attacks in Juba if a third force is not deployed in South Sudan.

Through Machar’s spokesman Mr James Gadet, the loyalist said they are waiting orders from the commander-in-chief to march on to Juba.

Already fresh fighting is going on in north-west of Juba with Gadet, claiming that opposition (SPLA-IO) had captured a military base in Katigir.

Mr Gadet has blamed the forces loyal to President Salva Kiir saying they had carried aerial assaults of their bases in Lanya County but their forces have repulsed Kiir’s ground troops.

Mr Gadet boasted that their army has captured 21 military tracks from government soldiers in the last one week.

On the other hand President Kiir’s government is not threatened and has ruled out the threats saying Machar’s group is incapable of attacking Juba.

With scenes unfolding and with Kiir and Machar faction stand off, not trying to reach other, South Sudan crisis is far from over.


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