Local Administration in Gedo Region Vows to Root Out Al-Shabaab from the Region

Local administration in Gedo region of southern Somalia vowed to continue fighting the Al-Qaeda affiliate, Al-Shabaab until it’s rooted out from the region.

Mohamed Hussein Al-Qadi, Gedo deputy governor said his administration is committed to the elimination of the group which still controls some parts of the region.

Al-Qadi assured the government forces that his administration will now embark on an operation to clear and open up the main road linking the towns in the region.

“We will open up the road linking the towns and ensure security along that roads passing through the region. It is our moral duty to take the war to Al-Shabaab and ensure they are defeated” he affirmed.

He said Somali forces have reclaimed more territory from the group in renewed military operations across the region.

 Al-Shabaab controlled most of southern and central Somalia before losing ground to AU and Somali forces over the past years.

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