KDF Kills Dozens of Al-Shabaab Militants in Fafadun

Kenya Defense Forces under AMISOM in Somalia killed tens of Al-Shabaab fighters in Fafadun after the militants attacked the area which is controlled the Kenyan forces and TFG soldiers.

Intelligence reports confirms a lengthy exchange of machine gun fire between KDF/TFG and the Al-Shabaab militants in Fafadun and heavy causalities confirmed on the ground.

Eye witnesses also confirm deaths of many militants soldiers.

Al-Shabaab tried to take the town and figures from intelligence sources in Somalia put the figure of the dead at100.

Such a death toll is a very significant loss to any fighting unit and demoralizes the fighters.

This report was produced on July 31st and is yet to be confirmed to provide actual figures and the chronology of events in Fafadun, a town village controlled by KDF and TFG.

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