KDF Jets Bomb Al-Shabaab Training Camps at Lanta Guri Southern Somalia

kdfs-f-5-tiger-fighter-jets-in-somaliaLatest Military Intelligence (MI) reports from Somalia indicate that Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) fighter jets separately launched air raids against Al-Shabaab training camps at Lanta Guri  in southern Somalia.

Corresponding reports from locals indicate that the Kenyan warplanes bombed Lanta Guri  Al-Shabaab camps whereby new recruits have been receiving military training.

A  training camp located about 120 kilometers away from sea port town of Kismayo was completely destroyed.

Media update indicate that Al-Shabaab commander, identified as Abdullahi Adow and three his bodyguards were felled in the Thursday air sorties by KDF. Undisclosed number of recruits also caught up in the air raids also perished.

The aerial offensives targeted the Al Qaeda-linked Al-Shabaab militant’s operational bases in the two regions.

KDF troops in Somalia are mainly using airpower to attack Al-Shabaab targets in renewed efforts to decimate Al-Shabaab camps/bases within their assigned sector 2 by AMISOM.

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