KDF Border Deployment After Ethiopian Forces Clash with Kenya Police

KDF Deployed at The Border
KDF Deployed at The Border
KDF Deployed at The Border

Kenya Defence Force (KDF) was deployed to guard and keep the border safe after Ethiopian forces reportedly invaded the Kenyan Police.

KDF moved with armored vehicles and tanks from the Odha Military Camp in Moyale to Sololo following the invasion.

The Ethiopian forces were pursuing the rat-tag rebels from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) who on Thursday gunned down a senior provincial administrator. The rebels are in Ethiopia and parts of Marsabit County.

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is opposed to Ethiopia’s ruling regime and claims the government has marginalized the majority of Oromia-speaking people who include the Borana, an ethnic also found in Kenya.

Ethiopia is considered regional ally and a friendly neighbour to Kenya but that notwithstanding Kenya needs to defend its sovereignty as Ethiopian forces have invaded Kenyan territory on three different occasion this year; at Moyale Illeret and now Sololo.

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Tread carefully. Our people and sovereignty need to be protected, while at some point we WILL clash with our northern neighbors, an adventure like that needs about ten or fifteen years of stockpiling, training plus intricate military and international relations planning….. *Just kidding.*

,,,, if we were to appear to seriously stand up to the battle-hardened intruders , our ‘birds’ would have immediately been scrambled to paralise the enemy ! ,,,,

I think it’s high time that government needs to protect its own people from all forms of violence. Ethiopian forces should not excuse themselves with international relations and yet they want to massacre innocent people. Our boarder should be secured from external & internal forces.

What has happened in sololo i was there one and a half months ago and it was peaceful.what kdf forces should do is to get rid of oromo liberation front rebels from ethiopia who usually attack ethiopian forces and run and hide on the kenyan side near sololo area.may be the ethiopian forces think the kenyan security forces deliberately habour them and hence the attack of our forces on friday.

i fully support paul kemei’s sentiments….on the other hand we cant afford to de~enemy neighbours like Ethiopia,we already have alot to deal with on our shoulders by the likes of alshabaab…..Lakini watume barua ya apology kwa the fallen police officers

mumejipeleka huko mtaweza kazi ama mtalegeza kamba kwani mwafkri ethiopia ni al shabaab ngoja mchapwe mrudi kwenu mkilia…ethiopia has the best forces in africa uliza somalia watakupa habari kamili

Get ur facts right b4 u comment, Ethiopian forces were driven back to their boulder in Somalia by Alshabab. KDF hits Alshabaab at will yet u talk like u ain’t in Kenya, Ethiopian forces av never been the best in Africa n they will never

@Mzalendo,adbuction in our soil….call it covert actions and in response full millitary force is applied.You secure the borders by neutralizing the threat not playing hide n seek…and as suggested,with all due respect,get your facts right….

Hii ndio shida ya facebook sasa….hii Kenya Army si ile ya enzi za Moi…..Wamepigana and are much stronger…shida ni haka ka siasa ka kenya ka security expenditure….

too little to late-just a damage control .they should have been there coz thats their duty.thats a foreign army for Gods sake having the guts to ambush armed officers,it shows how weak an useless we are

No need for KDF and EDF to lock horns. There are enough problems in this side of East Africa than to clash with armies of neighboring countries though I know this was meant to be a dis-tractor to something else.

SIS, wacheni kubeba watu ovyo, already two coppers have been killed, and it’s not the first time kenyan nationals have been killed or abducted, what does it matter if you deployed a whole brigade when the horse has already bolted?