Iraqi Forces Thwart ISIL Onslaught in Barwanah Town, Iraq

Event :Iraqi forces fire against ISIL militants in Al Anbar Province, Iraq killing at least 73 militants during a stepped-up airstrike. The airstrike hit areas close to a sports field in Ramadi, killing dozens of militants leaving several others wounded.

Scenario Analysis: The launched airstrikes targeted the sports field following tips from local residents that members of ISIL group had gathered at the field to recruit more young boys who were playing soccer, after breaking the day’s fast.

ISIL militants had targeted to reach out to these young recruits while masquerading as civilians in Fallujah.

This is a tactic used by terrorist to reach out to young recruits in worship gatherings, recreation facilities, learning institutions and in the refugee camps.

AssessmentThe upsurge in violence in Iraq could be majorly contributed due to mistreatment of its citizens by the Shia-led government.

ISIL majorly comprises of Sunni Muslims who are violently resenting oppression by the Shia, as the group claims.

The wide spread of civil war in Syria is fast spreading to Iraq and neighboring countries, allowing militants to fast expand their Caliphates to neighboring regions.

Forecast: The spread of the Islamic State and their rate of recruitment is quite alarming in Iraq, Syria and even across the globe.

The northern and western parts of Iraq have been turned into a battle field by Takfiri ISIL militants since March 2014.

There could be a great decline in the human population and the economic thresh hold of the country if the war is not fast stopped through whatever means.

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Volunteer fighters have now joined forces to take back militant-held regions, a factor which could be indicating that the Iraqi forces need to intensify this war against the Takfiri.

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