Congolese Warlord Wanted for Mass Rape Surrenders to U.N. forces

A militia leader, Ntabo Ntaberi Sheka, who has been implicated in numerous atrocities in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, surrendered on Wednesday 26/7/2017  to the United Nations peacekeeping forces  in Congo.

In January 2011, Congolese authorities issued an arrest warrant for Sheka for crimes against humanity of mass rape. However, he remained at large for more than six years as his armed group, known as the Nduma Defense of Congo, continued to commit grave crimes. It is unclear what prompted his surrender.

According to the United Nations, between July 30 and August 2, 2010, Sheka’s militia and two other armed groups raped at least 387 women, men, girls, and boys in 13 villages along the Kibua to Mpofi road in eastern Congo’s Walikale territory.

Since the warrant was issued, Human Rights Watch has documented further crimes. Sheka’s forces killed at least 70 civilians, many of whom were hacked to death by machete.

In some cases, Sheka’s fighters mutilated the bodies of those killed and later paraded the body parts around town, while chanting ethnic slurs.

Sheka’s forces have also continued to rape women and girls and forcibly recruited scores of young men and boys into their ranks.


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