Asymmetric War, Niger Army Operations Against Boko Haram


DIFFA, Niger, March 10, 016

The national guard of Niger continues with patrols in areas east of Diffa, the regional capital of Niger.

The operations are aimed at securing their border with Nigeria and to prevent infiltration by Boko Haram militants to Niger territory.

Niger army is armed ready to combat any potential threat that comes near their border.

Nigerian based Boko Haram an affiliate of the Middle  East based terrorists group; Islamic State over the past few years has tried to expand its foothold in the neighbouring countries including Niger, Cameroon, Benin, Chad and Mali.

Though the jihadist group has significantly been damaged, the outlawed group still continues to wage attacks by suicide mission or improvised explosives devices (IEDs).

According to head of the operation, Lieutenant Moussa Daouda Rabiou, the commander of the village of Assaga position, the army is undertaking the operation with extreme cautious citing the danger of landmines.

“We trained our men and with our vehicles, we don’t follow the road if there is any suspicious footprint.”

The army patrol is slowly and progressively advancing toward the Nigerian border, with soldiers on foot and army trucks carrying armory.

The army has kept the number of the soldiers on the operations a secret and as they advance closer to the Nigerian border, the have managed to earn trust of the population, which is their first line of defence to fight Boko Haram.

Local population expected to play key role of giving out intelligence (HUMINT) on the militant’s operations and hideouts in the area.

Already intelligence about a militants cell operating close-by on the other shore of the Komadougou River, the natural border between Niger and Nigeria has been given to the army.

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