Al Shabaab Threats on Kenyan Nonbelievers Jihad In Ramadan; Met With Intensified Counterterrorism Measures

Al ShabaabSomali based Al Qaeda affiliate terror network Harakat Al Shabaab Al Mujahideen that been posing a major threat and conducting attacks in the Horn of Africa region.

Security agents both in the East African region and globally are on high alert and increased vigilance this holy month of Ramadan for the Muslims. This is as a result of the Islamic State’s vow and message that was recently echoed by the Al Shabaab to cleanse the off nonbelievers.

A top Al Shabaab commander said that the combatants would show Kenyan nonbelievers a taste of Jihad which is the Holy War especially throughout the month of Ramadan by targeting the education and business sectors of the country.

Their threats have been met with paramount counterterrorism offensives especially at their bases in Somalia where they are trying to regroup. The security agencies in Kenya have tightened the surveillance and the manhunt for the homegrown terrorists has been intensified with dozens being arrested.

Campaigns against violent extremism and other root causes of terrorism in the country have increased to encourage the Muslim youth to shun away from violent acts during the holy month.

Borders patrols and co-ordination among the countries in the region following a resolution to share military practices and intelligence was reached.

Kenyans have however been advised to stay vigilante and on the lookout for any suspicious activities or people and report them to the police to help preempt any and all threats.

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