Al Shabaab Adopting New Radicalization Strategies, Government Deploys Security Measures to Counter Terrorism

Al-Shabaab is now said to be recruiting youths in institutions of higher learning
Al-Shabaab is now said to be recruiting youths in institutions of higher learning
Somali based Al-Shabaab now  recruiting youths in institutions of higher learning

OSINT reports gathered from various learning institutions in Nairobi and other major towns have revealed that a number of students have been recruited into joining Al Shabaab militia as their experts.

This revelation comes at a time when the Kenya Defence Forces working with intelligence teams have killed a number of expertise within the gang, including foreign militia men.

The hired students who are also enjoying “salaries” from Al Shabaab and other militia groups affiliated to Al-Qaeda are using their knowledge to train within the militia gang.

Counter Terrorism Center to Flush out Radicalized Students from Learning Institutions

The suspected students have been trailed on their activities within and outside these learning institutions and reports reveal that most of them are being used as informants.

Engineering Students, Doctors and Lawyers have been massively radicalized into the gang. Al Shabaab is using these brilliant minds to improvise explosives, the doctors use their expertise to treat wounded casualties and lawyers are used to come up with ideologies used to trap more students into the gang.

The Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) has however indicated that these students are under their watch as the unit gathers more details on Al Shabaab operations.

Kenya’s Counter Terrorism Center is also set to flush radicalized students from these learning institutions.

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