Turkey Strikes Dozens of Daesh, PKK/PYD Terrorist Targets in Syria

photo of Russian airstrikes Syria
photo of Russian airstrikes Syria
photo of Russian airstrikes Syria

As Operation Euphrates Shield enters the 70th day, Turkish armed forces have hammered 120 Daesh and PKK/PYD terrorists’ targets in northern Syria.

According to Turkish military statement on Tuesday, the operation is going on successfully and it will continue until the militant-held area in northern Syria is cleaned of the Islamist terrorists.

Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield was launched in late August with aim to clear Syria's northern border area of terrorists.

The operation continues to register success and has seen both Daesh and PKK/PYD terrorist groups targeted by the opposition Free Syrian Army plus Turkish tanks, artillery and aircraft.

PKK and its Syrian offshoot PYD, are both listed as terrorist groups by Turkey, although the U.S. and EU only view the PKK as a terrorist organization.

The operation has seen militants killed in hundreds. Monday raids in villages in northern Aleppo saw four handmade explosives destroyed by bomb-defusing teams.

In total, 33 mines and 1,379 handmade explosives have been defused since the start of the operation.

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